Charles Caldwell
Human Resources Director
English Schools Foundation (ESF)



Originally from Canada, Charles holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Administrative Studies, Post-Graduate Diploma in Asia Pacific Management Studies and MBA from the Kellogg – HKUST program. In 2001 the Asia Pacific HR community recognized Charles with four awards including China Staff magazine’s prestigious HK Manager of the Year Award. In 2002 Charles was nominated for “Outstanding Contribution to HR in Hong Kong & China.” Charles has also received several other Hong Kong HR Awards and ERC service awards.

At 16 years old, Charles started his career as an entrepreneur in Toronto. The success of his company landed him on the cover Canadian Business Magazine. The formative years as a general manager planted a fascination for everything leadership, culture and insightful. After joining Landmark Education, Charles moved to Hong Kong in 1996 where he worked for Achieve Global, Rockwell Automation, Citrix Systems and Juniper Networks in senior APAC HR roles. In April 2011, Charles career had a change of season when he became the HR Director for English Schools Foundation.

In November 2014 Charles delivered a Hong Kong TedX Talk entitled, “Leading Through the Green Light.” The TedX talk can be viewed here:

Charles met his wife, Tess, over the Internet in 1996. They live in Hong Kong with their fourteen -year-old son and twelve year old triplets. (Being in HR, Charles claims he “has headcount issues everywhere!”) Charles is a Deacon of Union Church and a Board Member for International Care Ministries – an organization dedicated to helping the ultra-poor in the Philippines.


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Neuroscience and NeuroLeadership are opening up a multitude of insights into why human beings respond to events in certain ways, giving leaders access and understanding to new tools and skills. We tend to think The Brain governs and regulates all our experiences, but this is not necessarily the case. There are two other major neural structures in the body: The Heart, which keeps us connected to communication and emotions and The Stomach, where the term “Gut Instinct” is derived. For example, why are people resistant to change? Neuroscience informs us that humans process for threat five times more than for reward. Why do executives seem to have irrational emotional outbursts? Likely because they are at the effect of an Amygdala Hijack: when the brain throws the brain & body into hyper Fight / Flight / Freeze survival mode. Why do organisations with humility based leadership models outperform other firms? NeuroLeadership has an answer for that, too. Take a deep breath and come prepared to pour leadership into your future.