Rob Lilwall
Adventurer, Author and Motivational Speaker



“The only constant in life is change” so said the philosopher Heraclitus. Today, issues of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity resound across the headlines and through our lives on a daily basis. In every industry, in every role, pressures are mounting, challenges are multiplying, and the stakes are rising. At such times, the default is to focus on surviving till the latest crisis passes. But can we rise above the situation, and even thrive amid the difficulties? It is no longer enough to simply have the right knowledge, competencies and technology; the key is found in cultivating self-leadership with the right perspectives and habits of mind about change.

Rob Lilwall is an ordinary person who, through taking an adventurous attitude to life, has achieved the extraordinary. In the last two decades, he has embarked on expeditions by bicycle and on foot, covering over 80,000 km of the world’s land surface. These have included an unsupported walk across the Gobi Desert in winter; pedalling over the war-torn passes of Afghanistan; and being the first person ever to drag a bicycle across the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. Through learning from the local people he has met at ground level in over 50 countries, Rob has gained a unique perspective into humanity in all its diversity. National Geographic have made two television series about his exploits and he is the author of two books, Cycling Home From Siberia and Walking Home From Mongolia.

In his energetic and interactive presentations, Rob transports his audiences into the world of adventure, while drawing powerful parallels with the ever-changing challenges of daily life. His specific learning points include practical reflections on self-care, goal-setting, treating problems as challenges, and “remembering we don’t have to make it on our own.”

He is based in Hong Kong, and to date, he has given his presentations to over 50,000 people around the world, with recent clients including HSBC, UBS, InterContinental, Hewlett Packard, MDRT, Thomson Reuters and Nike.


Making Career an Adventure: Unleash the Power of People in a Successful Organisation

Rob will share stories from his 50,000 km journey by bicycle and boat through such wild corners of the world as Siberia, Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan. He will also reflect on how the “attitudes of adventure” – treating problems as challenges, goal setting, overcoming fears through facing them, networking, and calculated risk-taking – helped him survive and thrive along the way, drawing parallels between the challenges of an adventure, and the challenges of the workplace.